Community Empowerment One Narrative At A Time

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Through uplifting the defining and sharing of the narratives of people in our community, Kheprw Institute supports community empowerment. The manifestation of that empowerment into individual and collective action strengthens our community in immeasurable and also tangible ways. Through the stories we bring to light, we build a vision that portrays a more equitable, just way of relating to one another and being in the world. Empowered people bring that vision to life through applied projects like the Community Controlled Food Initiative, KI NuMedia, Express Yourself Rain Barrels, and many other efforts that KI supports to build community capacity and self determination.

ONE NARRATIVE AT A TIME, KI is lifting up the stories of those who challenge what needs to be changed in our world. Through critical dialogue that redefines how we see ourselves and by engaging in social enterprises, we are activating human potential in our community. Support Community Empowerment One Narrative At A Time. Make a contribution today.

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